Young Lelia
(8.5" x 11") Graphite pencil and graphite powder on Arches watercolor paper. First experiment with this medium.
Full Figure Study - Back
(8.5" x 11") Nitram and pencil charcoal and white charcoal on gray cardstock poster paper.
Figure Study- Torso
(9" x 12") Graphite and white charcoal on Strathmore gray paper.
Full Figure Study - Side view
(10" x 14") Live model study. Nitram charcoal and Conte pastel on Stonehenge paper.
She Sees Sea Shells
(12" x 15") Graphite and Prismacolor pencil on Stonehenge paper.
Gravensteen Tower - Ghent
(9" x 12") Graphite and white charcoal on gray Strathmore paper. Depiction of top view of the 10th century castle tower in Ghent, Belgium.
The Shroud
(21.5" x 15") Study of shroud, large piece set by north light window. Nitram, conte and white charcoals done on Fabriano paper gray-ed with charcoal powder diluted in mineral spirits.
human rib cage - side
Anatomic drawing of rib cage from human cadaver cast, side view. Graphite pencil.
Human rib cage - front
Anatomic drawing of rib cage from human cadaver cast, front view. Graphite pencil.
Facial and skull muscles
Drawing of facial and skull muscles in side view. Sanguine, chalk and graphite.
Rib cage-humerus
Drawing of partial rib cage, shoulder girdle and humerus bones. Graphite and sanguine pencils
Skull, frontal-facial view
Drawing of skull showing frontal and upper facial bones - graphite and sanguine pencils.
Skull in Profile
Drawing skull, side view, sanguine pencil.
Ear - Atelier Study
(9" x 8") Charcoal on Fabriano paper. Traditional atelier approach using sight-size technique.
Naughty Girl
(14" x 11") Study done on pastel paper - Nitran charcoal and white Conte crayon, colored with oil pigment diluted in mineral spirits.
Model in Profile
(11" x 14") Graphite pencil and charcoal on tinted Pastel paper.
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